we are

We are interiors designers, architects, strategists, food consultants, graphic designers, 3D artists, product designers and workplace consultants.

We come from different communities, regions, countries.

Our extraordinary diversity makes our creative process unique. Together, we have fun questioning habits & materials, thinking beyond the norm. Our agency specialises in not specialising, we strive by avoiding any formal signature.

And party is our universal language when the work is done!



Signage & wayfinding


Real estate repositioning
Architectural programing
Workplace consultancy
Needs analysis & workshops
Computational Design & Fabrication
Change management

food experience

Food & Beverage solutions
Kitchen engineering
Auditing & operations


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand experience


Tell us what you want, what you really really want 

For us, each project starts with a meaningful encounter. We actively listen to you, exchange with you. Together we define your needs, then we conceive and deliver the right answers. 

We are creative adventurers by night & technical experts by day.
We take all the creative risks to develop the right solution, while ensuring it is technically achievable. Nothing is left to chance.

Branding as foundation. You are our starting point and our finish line, the solution we create for you conveys your vision, values and culture. Each element we develop reflects the personality of your brand.

Creating a better world. We stand for creating more substance with less material and energy consumption. We go for eco-conscious solutions and selecting sustainable materials whenever possible.

The team

The team

The team

The team

Huy Nguyen

Architecture & Prototyping

Huy Nguyen is Architect at ncbham

Catia Lopes

Architecture & Project Management

Catia Lopes is Architect and Project Manager at ncbham

Alexandra Pustianu

Partner Architect & Team Principal

Alexandra Pustianu is Partner Architect at ncbham

Sonia Van Linthoudt

Project Management & Interior Design

Sonia Van Linthoudt is Project Manager and Interior Designer at ncbham

Alexandra Mavroudaki

Architecture & Project Management

Alexandra Mavroudaki is Architect and Project Manager

Alicia Saen

Interior Design

Catherine Trebes

Interior Design

Marc Martinez

Associate, Computational Design & technology

Marc Martinez is Computational Designer and Associate at ncbham

Filipe Farias


Muriel Hagendorf

Project Management

Muriel Hagendorf Project Manager ncbham

Danny Lanckman

Food Experience & Engineering

Danny Lanckman is Kitchen Engineer at ncbham

Magdalena Zogorska

Architecture & Project Management

Magdalena Zogorska is Architect and Project Manager at ncbham

Alessandro Fuca

3D Modelling & Rendering

Madalina Anghelescu

Associate, Culture & social responsibility

Madalina Anghelescu is an Associate Architect at ncbham

Sevasti Alexiadi

Design & Execution

Sevasti Alexiadi is Interior Designer at ncbham

Dimana Sofianska

Interior Design

Dimana Sofianska is an Interior Designer at ncbham

Beatriz Amann


Beatriz Amann is Architect at ncbham

Nicolas Ntalakidis

Food Experience Direction & Founder

NICOLAS NTALAKIDIS is Food Director and Founder at ncbham

Mauro Brigham

Creative Direction & Founder

Mauro Brigham is Creative Director and Founder of ncbham

Alicia Finet

Conceptual Interior Architecture

Alicia Finet is a Conceptual Interior Architect at ncbham

Silvia Preto


Silvia Preto is Architect at ncbham

Nina Korkach

Associate, Co-Managing Director

Nina Korkach is co-Managing Director at ncbham in Brussels

Aurore Havenne


Aurore Havenne is Communication Manager at ncbham

Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc

Interior Design

Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc is Interior Designer

Guillaume Campion


Guillaume Campion is Architect at ncbham in Brussels

Ola Sadownik

Illustration & Graphic Design

Ola Sadownik is an Illustrator at ncbham

Izabela Pietrzak

Architecture & Interior Design

Izabela Pietrzak is an architect and interior designer at ncbham

Martina Schwab

Applied Anthropology

Martina Schwab is an Anthropologist at ncbham

Marc Jacob

Finance & Administration

Marc Jacob is Finance Manager at ncbham

Francesca Bignardi

Architecture & Project Management

Francesca Bignardi is Architect and Project Manager at ncbham

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