Eaglestone - Atelier avec vue

Eaglestone – Atelier avec vue

Welcome to Eaglestone’s future offices on the 16th floor of the Brussels IT Tower.

The new Eaglestone offices and their central atelier

Eaglestone - Atelier avec vue

The Atelier is at the heart of the location with a breath-taking view of Brussels. A multipurpose space where teams meet, involve clients, and share projects through models, blueprints and visuals.

Mutlifunctionality scheme of the Atelier
Eaglestone - Atelier avec vue - Multifunctionality of the the atelier

The Atelier - interactive meeting room
Meeting room with metallic wall

All around, bubbles and meeting rooms offer different work typologies while more private offices are away from traffic to help concentration.


Axonometry of the Eaglestone offices
Material board of the Eaglestone offices

In coherency with Eaglestone’s culture, the atmosphere is subtle and welcoming, supported by a mineral color palette of raw and timeless materiality: solid wood, clay, metallic elements, linen, and ceramic.


Circulation plan of the Eaglestone office

Thanks to the Eaglestone team for their trust and the co-creation work accomplished.

Eaglestone - Atelier avec vue

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