From farm to Municipal Administration & Rural Multipurpose House

Rénovation de la ferme Laboulle

From farm to Municipal Administration & Rural Multipurpose House

For this public tender, ncbham worked hand in hand with the architectural offices LEVEL STUDIO and BAEB, to whom we brought our skills in interior design and signage, accompanied by Sweco for stability and special techniques, as well as Buur for the landscaper.

Images of Ferme Laboule Somme Leuze
Une ferme transformée en bureaux
Dessin d'architecte pour la ferme de Somme Leuse

The ogival arch element gives a very particular and original aspect to the barn’s space.
 The fluidity and magnitude of these arches inspired the main thread of the Public Pole’s design.
 From the entrance, the emphasis is on the staircase, which follows the same lines and gives access to the ceremony/council room and the exhibition room.

Subtle elements such as flooring and lighting define different areas.

Council room

welcome AREA

La Ferme material board


Wood, concrete and warm fabrics enter into a perfect dialogue with the existing brick.

Cour de ferme


We also chose to work on the symbolism of the courtyard through time and usage. From time immemorial, the square has been a unifying and sharing element. In the past, it was formed by the different functions of the farm (housing, work, and storage) and used by various users (humans, animals).

Through the project, we wish to accentuate its use by organizing the accesses and entrances inside the courtyard.

The reception, the council/marriage hall, the public offices, the digital room, the multi-purpose halls, the private areas of the public administration, and the janitor’s apartment are distributed around the central courtyard, the unifying element. The daycare center, for security reasons, is accessible from outside the farmhouse.

The colorimetry and forms found in agriculture inspired this façade :
– The verticality and structure of the ear of wheat
– The rhythm and regularity of the furrows in the field
– The orange, yellow and brown, reminiscent of the straw and brick of the existing farmhouse

These choices of tone and form are transcribed in a contemporary architecture of aluminum curtain walls and expanded metal elements.

The expanded metal in front of the openings functions as a sunshade.

Daycare center

Sketches of La Ferme daycare center

Within the nursery, a neutral color palette created with natural and sustainable materials is brightened by touches of color on the children’s furniture, toys, and creations.

The creative intention is enhanced by carefully designing the signage and identity of the daycare center, developing an overall experience.
In the children’s common areas, an abstract mural representing the village background follows the children as they begin to walk. Birds accompany them in this space and appear in certain places, such as the reception, the common areas, and the nursery logo.

Ferme Laboulle esquisse

Commune de Somme-Leuse


Visual Identity



Project team

Alexandra Pustianu
Beatriz Amann


LEVEL STUDIO architecture