Ageas, a new workplace experience

For Ageas new headquarters, we developed a space design strategy that pushes employees and visitors into a new experience that increases connection, collaboration, and brand empathy.

The winter garden, spread through 4 floors, is the defining architectural feature of the AGEAS offices. With its large-scale bespoke lighting, the space is as immersive as it is spectacular with its multifunctional marketplace and observation decks. The individual and collective workstations are punctuated by coffee corners, plants of all sizes, lockers, and booths. 

Space planning strategy

The iconic market square 

We propose to welcome all types of visitors in the most iconic and immersive space possible, the market, on the 14th. 

The hospitality manager, who moves freely along the space, greets the guests and offers them a delicious coffee from the hybrid reception & bar counter. 

The large open volumetransparency, and natural light give the marketplace a distinctive exterior feeling, like a public square. Perfect for a place of gathering, socialization, and collaboration.

Materiality, based on natural materials, reassures and reconnects one with the ground while inducing stability and long-term commitment of the company to its clients.  

The furniture provides the flexibility to rearrange the spaces to the needs of both client and employee events. 

Bespoke stone floor

The openness and exposure of the Market Square can be overwhelming for an extended use therefore a more human sense of scale is crucial to create a welcoming and cozy setting where people enjoy using. We work on several layers to achieve the right balance such as flooring, furniture and light. 

Ornament is key in providing reference of scale and connecting the human scale. We created for Ageas a bespoke mineral flooring reminiscing the public square, that playfully uses small rectangular stones while recreating large circular patterns. 

Large-scale bespoke lighting elements

We imagined a family of large-scale lighting elements that move vertically to create intimacy and protection when a team or individuals use the large communal table. The lights give a sense of protection to the users and induce warmth to the Market square

Bespoke flooring and light pendant for office workspace

The staircase


/ The staircase is key to movement and circulation in the Marketplace.

/ The concept of a spiral staircase has been adapted to be wide enough for general use.

 / It connects all observation decks while providing amazing views over the winter garden.

/ With every step you make, it connects you with the heart of the company and marketplace.

As people can have very different habits, notions of comfort and privacy, we multiply the degrees of intimacy one can find in the workplace. From open or closed concentration booths, diverse meeting room settings or panoramic desks, this diversity creates an inclusive environment where one always finds the right space to use for a given activity.

Thanks to our partner Engepar for the amazing teamwork during the conception phase of this competition!







Project team

Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc
Beatriz Amann
Marc Martinez
Andrée Goldschmidt
Alexandra Pustianu
Mauro Brigham