UCB – the sustainable restaurant

UCB – The sustainable restaurant

For UCB, ncbham conceived a restaurant with sustainability as a guiding principle. Holder of the BREAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) label, the space includes the kitchens, a coffee corner, and a self-service restaurant.
Designed for the users’ comfort, it offers them the possibility to eat alone on the go, meet up with small teams, or take advantage of meals to gather in large groups.
The kitchen is under real-time energy control, allowing for economic and environmental resource optimization. The installation of an Eco Crobe machine has allowed for a 90% reduction in organic waste, which is then transformed into compost and used in the green spaces of the entire site. It is also the first plastic-free restaurant in the biopharmaceutical group. Thank you, UCB, for this incredible teamwork towards more sustainability!

UCB Braine Restaurant Cafe
UCB Braine Vista Tables
UCB Braine Bar
UCB Braine Restaurant
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UCB Braine Moodboard Materials
UCB Braine Bar
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UCB Braine Lounge Area
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Project team

Alexandra Pustianu
minHuy Nguyen
Wil Nguyen
Nicolas Ntalakidis


Pictures by Save As