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ncbham just did it!


We just did it!

One of the worldwide athletic footwear leaders, refurbished its existing offices in Laakdal and their European logistics center. The well-being of its employees has guided the entire project. The company’s strong belief in collective genius led to the creation of an environment that induces interaction at every level. 

Perfectly aligned with these values, NCBHAM was selected to conceive a restaurant “that fosters chemistry and collaboration” for the 4000 staff members. We laid out the principal design including eating areas, informal lounges, free flow area and back of the house.

nike ncbham
nike ncbham
nike ncbham

Open 24 hours a day, one can choose from different environments and spheres within the same space, multiple sitting typologies offering a variety of eat & meet experiences for the staff.

A lunch with colleagues, a team meeting at the communal tables or a quiet moment in one of the focus spots, everything is possible at Bill’s. 

Different sitting options for different restaurant atmospheres
Large graphics for a dynamic sports brand employee restaurant
nike ncbham
ncbham did it for nike
ncbham did it for nike
Employee restaurant - a dynamic environment

This exciting project embodies the New Ways of Working concept designed by the client’s internal team and flawlessly implemented in the workspaces.

ncbham just dit it!

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Food experience
Kitchen Design
Technical solutions


Kitchens & self services

Project team

Mauro Brigham
Nicolas Ntalakidis


Pictures by Jelle Vans