A view of the ING Atrium in Louvain-la-Neuve

ING: hybrid activities reflecting the workplace evolution

ING: hybrid activities reflecting the workplace evolution

In this unprecedented fast-paced evolution the workplace has been going through, our close collaboration with ING on their 10,875 m2 building in Louvain-la-Neuve was a fabulous opportunity to successfully implement hybrid activities in an office building by blurring the boundaries.

In the heart of the space, the impressive atrium mimics a modern rainforest with its multiple layers: forest ground, understory, canopy and emergent. Our approach to scaling down the atrium volume offers different levels of intimacy in the informal spaces around the central bar and nearby meeting center and restaurant areas.

Different materials and colours for different heights and functionalities with a common guideline, nature.


A global view of the atrium of ING offices in Louvain-la-Neuve
The ING Offices atrium
A detailed view of the ING offices atrium

Layers of the tropical forest

Details of the welcome area at ING offices
Suspended chairs in the ING atrium offices
The bar is a central element to the atrium


earthy palette of furniture
Vegetalised table by ncbham
The restaurant space at the ING offices in Louvain-La-Neuve by ncbham
A detailed view of the wooden restaurant booths
A global view of the ING restaurant in Louvain-la-Neuve
ING staff are both spectators of and participants in the life of the building as it proposes three open floors towards the atrium. The acoustics qualities were essential to provide well-being, transversality and interconnectedness from the reception area to the recharge areas to the office floors, each with a design and mood of its own.

Kitchen design & engineering

We provided a fully comprehensive kitchen design service, from initial space management and concept layouts through to scheme and detailed design. Liaising with our interior design colleagues, we delivered a fully coordinated catering equipment and food experience

Multifunctional office spaces

Black frame for ING offices
White frames for ING Offices

The balconies originally foreseen to overlook the atrium were transformed into dynamic meeting rooms, becoming an active part of the atrium from an architectural perspective and from the user’s experience side.

dynamic meeting rooms overlooking the atrium
Details of a dynamic meeting room
Energy recharge room
Details of the energy recharge room
Playing pool table at ING offices
Saloon recharge area at ING offices
Recharge area kitchen

Thanks to ING, Jaspers & Eyers, Banimmo and Groupe Liégeois for your trust and for our outstanding teamwork!




Food experience



Project team

Madalina Anghelescu
Catia Lopes
Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc
Beatriz Amann
Francesca Bignardi
Danny Lanckman
Julie Van de Put
Nicolas Ntalakidis
Mauro Brigham