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Design Exhibition

In 2016, Victor Horta’s beautiful Hôtel Winssinger became home to our multidisciplinary creative agency and our cosmopolitan team of interior designers, architects, graphic designers, 3D artists, and food consultants.⠀⠀

For Design September 2020, we exceptionally opened our offices to the public with an exhibition that staged the historic Art Nouveau architecture in dialogue with our approach to contemporary interiors. Carefully crafted light design, furniture, photography, and music resonated in a singular immersive experience.⠀



In the main room, the spotlight was on six of our most recent projects, emblematic of our multidisciplinary approach to interiors, are displayed in what is usually our main workspace, shedding new light on Horta’s spectacular building.

The office of ncbham
The office of ncbham
Art 56 project
work exhibition
The office of ncbham
The office of ncbham

Hotel Winssinger then & now

The verrière space hosted archive images of the building : Victor Horta was 33 when he conceived this family mansion, suited to the needs of Camille Winssinger’s ill wife. More than a century later, the hotel Winssinger has lost none of its luster but the intended tranquillity of the space made way to vibrant meetings, questionable playlists and afterwork drinks in the garden. 

old photo of the building
archive of the building

The mezzanine impresses with its unique stained glass windows, then comes “the cabinet of curiosities”, where all projects materialize.

This library helps us find the best material for our projects, feel the emotional or sensory value of each one of them, as well as identify new uses for existing materials. Discover the material boards of specific projects and create your own.

mezzanine of the office
The ncbham library
The office of ncbham
The office of ncbham
The ncbham library
the ncbham tower

The ncbham tower

The ncbham tower offers another way to look at our work, close to what our team is about : a happy collision of colourful minds, the unexpected meeting of multiple visual languages and distinctive spatial approaches, creating a different outcome for each project.

The office of ncbham

"We are interiors designers, architects, strategists, food consultants, graphic designers, 3D artists, product designers and workplace consultants. We come from different communities, regions, countries.

Our extraordinary diversity makes our creative process unique. Together, we have fun questioning habits & materials, thinking beyond the norm. Our agency specialises in not specialising, we strive by avoiding any formal signature.

And party is our universal language when the work is done!"


Visual Identity



Project team

Nina Korkach
Catia Lopes
Beatriz Amann
Jasper Derluyn
Huy Nguyen
Madalina Anghelescu
Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc
Magdalena Zogorska
Jose Castellitti
Louise Talabardon
Walu Mozagba
Silvia Preto
Aurore Havenne

Marc Martinez
Marc Jacob
Alexandra Pustianu
Nicolas Ntalakidis
Mauro Brigham


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