The percussion room in the Music academy of Montigny-le-Tilleul Belgium

Designing a Music Academy

Designing A Music Academy

In partnership with LEVEL STUDIO architecture, BSolutions and Room’s, we have just participated in the Montigny-le-Tilleul music academy competition, designing a music academy. 

From the start, the musical language guided our choices. We transcribed a sound wave and a sense of the whole and quarter notes on sheet music on the façade. We achieved that with a brick partition, a typical material of traditional Belgian architectureunifying the new proposed volume with the existing architecture.  


Designing a music academy

A play of lights and shadows

During the day, the facade provides soft, subdued light in the auditorium, the percussion room and the entrance hall. When the sun enlightens the facade, a play of shadows punctually energises the premises. 

In the evening, the façade comes to life and animates the street with its more pronounced play of full and empty spaces. 

The entrance welcomes the visitor, enhancing a fluid circulation between the different floors.

The skylight now located above the entrance gives it new energy and evokes a musical score, reinforced by the interior signage. 

A play of lights and shadows in the music academy
Bright colours contrasting with the sobriety of materials

Bright colours contrasting with the sobriety of materials

The bright colours of the furniture, wall decorations and door frames contrasts with the sobriety of the material paletteThey bring rhythm and orientation to the distinctive areas of the academy. 

 In the dance hall, the arche shaped mirror walls reminds some symbolical existing elements as the niches in front of the stairs. 

Interior design of a dance room
Arched mirrors in the dance room
Concert room in the music academy

A sustainable acoustic wall for the concert hall

The concert hall’s acoustic wall is made of reclaimed wood and recycled textile bricks and evokes an equaliser.

Thanks again to LEVEL STUDIO architecture, BSolutions, and Room’s for the amazing team work in designing the music academy!

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Project team

Alexandra Pustianu
Catia Lopes


Illustrations by Jonathan Calugi
LEVEL STUDIO architecture