Axa Bank : Let’s level up!

Designing a multi-level coworking space

For the Axa Bank offices in Berchem, we developed a global concept integrating design, food experience & branding. 

The way people work has evolved a lot recently and Axa wanted to reflect these changes in its building, which is shared with other users. 

Axa wanted a polyvalent meeting space for formal and informal working where each employee can meet, work and eat. A space that fosters communication, collaboration and social cohesion. A concept that reflects the beating heart of the company, where the employees come to the office, not only to work in but also to play in, learn in and collaborate within.

Every detail matters.
Our holistic approach layers and coordinates all the ingredients for creating a unique space. 

An environment that boosts collaboration & relaxation, through flexibility of spaces.

A place that creates community, with diverse collaboration areas.

A space to feel at home, safe & welcoming, with comforting materiality. 

how do we do that?

by creating an environment that is honest, natural, sustainable & contemporary

The main logo of the space originates from the different levels and the broken walls in the project.

The dot refers to the following ‘sub’ logos in the project.

Layering approach & raw materiality

The ground floor extends over several levels and consists of a coworking space dedicated to Axa employees, while the coffee corner, restaurant, fitness room and lockers are open to all tenants.

We used the different levels of the space to conceive our layering approach. The more you go down the stairs, the more you find yourself around a fireplace, the darker the wood used, the more the metal takes on coppery tones. The raw material, broken concrete, contrasts with its refined metal mesh envelope. 

The space encourages activity, exchange and sharing, while as one moves towards the peripheral areas of the building, dedicated to well-being and concentration, the colours become more neutral and the contrasts soften.

The fitfit moodboard

Branded intuitive signage




Visual Identity
Food experience
Food Concept
Kitchen Design
Technical solutions


Fitness Centers
Restaurants & Bars

Project team

Alexandra Pustianu
Beatriz Amann
Nguyen-Bao Thai Ngoc